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Glider ORIGONE designed by HL Gliders for RC flight.

Glider sport class, designed as a tribute to an Aeromodeller and a model, that has been a classic in the learning of the construction and centering of a free flight model for almost all the Argentine aeromodellers. 

Origone I, designed by Walter J. Menéndez. Its name honors Lieutenant Manuel Felix Origone, precursor of the Pan-American aviation. He died in a plane crash on January 19, 1913, becoming the first fatal victim of the Argentine Aviation.

Now www.avekits.com offers the Origone kit for all Europe, so anyone can enjoy building and flying a model that is a reference in the history of aeromodelling.

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Manufactured in Spain.

CNC Laser cut kits

High quality balsa wood and plywood.

Light and simple construction suitable for all levels.

The kit comes with the necessary wood for its construction, balsa veneers, plywood, balsa stringers and small wooden parts, as well as assembly plan. Leading and trailing edges are supplied ready for planing or sanding.

The kit includes hardware, screws, transmissions, horns, tubes for wing cover and bayonet, fiberglass for reinforcements.

As a novelty this kit also includes the transparent "ultra light" thermo adhesive FILM coating.

The semi-wings are divided into two pieces making it easy to transport the model occupying very little, ideal for trips to the countryside or beach, on the sides of the fuselage has 2 covers to access the electronics of the model, in the nose includes housing for possible ballast if necessary.

Wingspan: 1500mm

Length: 1030mm

Profile: Prototype derived from the one used in the Olympic.

Wing area: 29 Dm

Weight in flight: 250gr Approx

Operative channels: 2

Classic wood construction

Design: HL Gliders

Manufacture: Avekits

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