About us

Our company

www.Avekits.com was born after 25 years dedicated to model airplanes in different disciplines of our beautiful hobby.

In www.Avekits.com we offer a variety of model airplanes in kit to assemble, as well as different tools or accessories for the hobby.

We would not like to lose the "Magic" of the beginnings of this hobby which was always the construction of model airplanes to "sticks" so we offer quality kits at competitive prices so that they can enjoy building both novice and experienced builders.

Our models are cut with CNC Laser and CNC Milling machines being able to cut different types of materials such as wood, cardboard, depron, aluminum, fiberglass / carbon fiber etc.. Offering the end customer endless possibilities.

Please note

As the manager and operator of the company, I perform all the steps related to the company, such as: Graphic designs, web development, Marketing, Purchase of materials, Manufacture of kits, Sales, Packaging, Shipping etc.

I will always try to do the job as soon as possible so that you can get the model in the expected delivery time, but understand that sometimes due to the volume of work it is impossible to perform some tasks immediately.

 The company is located at:

C/ Escultor Antonio Cano 2

41702 Dos Hermanas


We apologize for not being able to serve you at that address, because we do not have a physical store, but you can contact us through the following means:

e-mail: info@avekits.com


Monday to Friday

9:00 to 13:30 / 16:30 to 20:00