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Twist-Up! If you like hand-launched sailboats DLG this is your model.

Made of balsa wood, plywood and carbon make a very strong and light model for its modality. Now you will be able to participate in the DLG F3K modality without the need to pay high costs in models.

You can launch your model according to your practice with 360º launches or maybe you prefer to start with 180º launches, the profile used in the AG series makes the model have little resistance to the advance thus gaining height with ease.

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Manufactured in Spain.

CNC Laser cut kits.

High quality balsa wood, plywood and carbon boom.

Light and simple construction suitable for all levels.

The kit comes with the necessary wood for its construction, balsa sheets, plywood, balsa stringers and small wooden parts, as well as carbon fuselage boom and assembly plan. Leading and trailing edges are supplied ready for planing or sanding.

The kit includes hardware, screws, transmissions, horns, tubes for wing cover and bayonet, fiberglass for reinforcements.

As a novelty this kit also includes the "ultra light" transparent thermo adhesive FILM coating.

The semi-wings are divided into two pieces making it easy to transport the model occupying very little, ideal for getaways to the countryside or beach, the cockpit is mounted / dismounted by a nylon screw, access to the electronics is easy in case you have to make adjustments or replace any component, in the nose includes housing for possible ballast if necessary.

Wingspan: 1500mm

Length: 1050mm

Profile: AG Modified

Wing area: 21.75 Dm approx

Weight in flight: 250/270gr Aprox

Operating channels: 3

Design: HL Gliders

Manufacture: Avekits

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